What is Social Media Marketing ?

Now, this day Social Media Marketing is a big trend in current modernism to build up the business, the use of social media platforms is a source of connecting with your audience to increase your brand, grow sales, and drive website traffic. Moreover, it helps to position your business in your true target market challenges.

Promote your products and services by helping them better understand your brand. Indeterminate people have a narrow intention that social media is limited to social networking such Twitter, Facebook, etc. But this requires creating great content that interacts with your followers, analyzing your results and moving social media ads.

Social Media Platforms


Facebook has active audiences who want to build a business/brand there. Facebook is a universal platform used by almost all age groups. Facebook brings new features of Facebook pages and Facebook advertising, which is the choice to bring out the brand through digital marketing opportunities. It spreads through mass audiences. 


Instagram is popular on social media platforms to build a brand, and may get a budding Instagram discount in online marketing. We use different instagram tools and use hashtags to maximize your posts. We will help you create an Instagram story and work with influencers to expand your reach and leave a lasting impression.


This is a vague word that has an impact on the audience in the field. In order to provide any advertisement or promote your products, it helps to increase your audience, you can promote your account to more followers through different functions. High engagement and campaign availability for individual tweets


YouTube became the second-largest SEO because now people get all the content related to them. YouTube provides creators with the opportunity to produce personal creative content so that the audience can easily understand and share. We use various tools when creating and uploading videos. Videos. Create your own business channels and reach out to a wide range of audiences through digital marketing activities.

Why Choose CMM

Clever mind media is a well-known digital marketing company in Pune. However, it requires a complete approach to enable different organizations to realize the full potential of social media marketing activities. It is to create and increase brand awareness, increase engagement, with boost sales related to your product or service across our social media platforms.

We offer ample CMM services adopted to fulfil your special needs and have the ability to convince of changes in the shortest time possible. We are able to think from the client’s perspective and offer the current trend going on and CMM 100% meet customer requirements and help you stay ahead of the list of competitors.

Your customers will not give you a second chance to make a first impression

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    01. Social Strategizing

     There is him, her, there, etc. key ingredient. There is a strategy to do social media marketing. Every business has a strategy to build up without a strategy, it is useless to be posting on social platforms for the purpose of posting. Without any strategy, it is hard to understand your target audience, your goals, and what they want. Social media marketing strategy has a lot of crossovers. Simplest ways to create your social media marketing strategy:-

    Why do you want to be on social media?
    What are you're going to share?
    Who is your target audience?
    Where and When are you going to share?

    A strategy is where we fixed it; and need to plan how to get it in your own way. 

    02. Regular Posting ( All social Media)

    Posting on social media regularly will increase interaction with the audience, and will establish contact with the audience every day, so as to get more new connections. Social media platforms are the right way to generate potential customers. Now, these days, traditional methods have almost disappeared, and people don’t like TV and newspapers because everything is on the Internet. Now maintain a strong online brand image these days to improve your ranking in Google. Get business from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to control your website traffic and strong sales engagement.


    Content Creation

    Current content is a very important process of creative assets. Creative and attractive content can attract and attract more audiences. It organizes your campaign role in a way that is authoritative, credible, and practical among target audiences. Content is the main foundation of the digital marketing process, used to research, generate strategic ideas, creative ideas, and then promote these ideas to the target audience.


    Social Media Analysis and Monitoring

    Social media analysis provides you with lively and imaginative unstructured content. Social media analysis produces meaningful content. There is a list of categories, such as geography, gender, age, parental status, marital status, and other demographic data.


    Creative Design

    Our graphic design provides the art of connecting with the audience, requiring creativity and a systematic approach to plan and solve problems. The basic creative design will play a plan to create a real image that stands out and is shared on social media platforms.


    Engagement Measurement

    Engagement can help your company perform measurement tracking, such as page views, session duration, and user feedback. It helps provide information for application developers, web and content developers, and for participating audiences on digital platforms. Engagement measurement is very important to help improve the marketing of social platforms to enhance the brand.

    07. Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is another type of online marketing that is established on websites with hundreds of articles explaining the complications of influencer marketing, it makes money in a traditional way filling the gaps of feckless and fragility in marketing solutions. We work step by step, for example:-

    • Make a list of influencers and contact them.
    • Talk to influential people and negotiate prices
    • Create unique and creative content
    • Pay attention to the influence of influencers’ exposure to creative content.


    It influences people through creative content and how they are presented to the audience It provides leadership, improves brand awareness, always tries to produce unique content, increases driving force and traffic, and your brand will convey a message to all target audiences. Establish different channels, allowing you to cross and expand your influence.

    Clever Mind Media Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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